Who are we?

Meet our core team below.

Additionally we have partnerships with other specialist practitioners, whose expertise we will rely on if it is going to support you to achieve your goals.

Raggi Kotak


Raggi is the Founder and Director of JEDI Consultancy. She identifies as a South Asian Queer Cis-Gendered Woman. Raggi is a human rights barrister with more than twenty years of experience. She has focused on challenging issues of racism, gender violence and mental health through law, social action and policy. She has a long history of anti-oppression work and has been involved with the set up and running of numerous ground-breaking and award-winning projects. Raggi is also the Founder and Lead Facilitator of Race Talk, an active online discussion forum. This brings different racial groups together to find pathways through the conditioning and trauma that seeks to keep them apart. She provides training; facilitation; consultation; coaching and mentoring around issues of justice, diversity, equity and inclusion. She works with individuals, groups and organisations creating spaces for dialogue, growth and change in supported and creative ways. Her work is cutting edge and has been developed through extensive training and practical experience. She is creative, enthusiastic, inclusive and empathetic. Raggi’s work is informed by Process Work; psychology; trauma awareness and movement modalities in which she has extensively trained.

Nelu Abeygunasekera


Nelu is in charge of our legal and investigations work. She is a senior solicitor, with twenty-five years of experience advising organisations and employees on all aspects of employee relations, human resources and employment law. She is highly experienced in conducting internal investigations in a sensitive and diligent manner.

Nelu provides strategic and risk advice on all legal aspects including dismissals; complex internal investigations; bullying; harassment and discrimination; whistleblowing; culture; diversity and inclusion initiatives; organisational restructuring; breach of post termination restrictions including soliciting customers/clients; team moves and breach of confidentiality.

Nelu’s clients are charities, start-ups, small, large and international group companies with a particular focus on the US, EMEA and Asia.

She provides training on issues of diversity and inclusion; race and ethnicity; gender; disability and other protected characteristics. She works closely with her clients to build strong, sustainable businesses, that better serve and represent diverse communities.

Nelu also regularly advises Directors; Senior Executives and Founders in relation to their potential legal claims; negotiated departures and contractual terms. She helps them understand their rights and obligations, strategic options and risks whilst always striving to reach a practical, socially inclusive and cost-effective outcome.

Nelu is open-minded, non-judgemental, straight-forward, reassuring, has a sharp mind and is fun to work with. She will provide you with constant support and work tirelessly to get the best outcomes.

Cath Kane


Cath Kane has worked extensively with the public sector, charities and strategic partnerships to meet the challenges of change through fostering resilience in teams while cultivating inclusive, transformational leadership in highly pressurised situations. The ultimate benefit is the creation of cooperative, collaborative cultures that enable autonomy and growth for people, projects and partnerships.

Cath has over 25 years’ experience as a change maker and has created multiple innovative and award-winning projects that have been catalysts for change within organisations, across partnerships and in government. She has worked nationally and internationally.

As a qualified Community Education Practitioner, Cath has an in-depth understanding of inclusive practices and educational programs with social impact that support empowerment and facilitate progressive dialogue.

Catherine Dunne


Catherine is a Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Somatic Specialist and Team and Leadership Builder. She has been working to support individual and team healing and resilience for thirty years.

All of Catherine’s work is rooted in the power of being in embodied relationship with ourselves and others.

She brings all her tools, training and experience of grounded, trauma-informed, clinical experience, to support the caring professionals she works with.

She has a particular interest in supporting teams and organisations who provide frontline services. She provides a safe space to come together, share, be heard, get resourced and she helps find creative solutions and ways forward.

This work can transform teams, organisations, the work they do and how they do it so they are more sustainable and have more of a sustained positive impact on their service users.

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