Dismantling barriers for resources and opportunities. Placing integrity and fairness at the centre. Creating systems that are congruent with values and aims.

Allocating resources to ensure everyone has access to the same opportunities. Equity recognises that advantages and barriers exist.

All the differences between us based on our social identities.  Creating opportunities for all to participate as part of the overall system. 

Fostering a sense of belonging. Valuing the voices and perspectives of those who experience barriers based on their social identities. Allowing all parts of a system to thrive.

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Meet JEDI Consultancy,

JEDI Consultancy is a full-service award-winning equity, diversity and inclusion consultancy, working through the lens of social justice. A justice framework recognises that the road ahead may not be equally accessible and that we may need to take active steps to create specific pathways that take into account the experiences of all.

We offer a range of services to individuals, teams and organisations to bring deep growth and learning, creating systems and cultures where everyone feels a sense of belonging. 

We are a unique company that includes a synergy of investigatory work; education; facilitation and coaching to ensure that your systems thrive; that integrity and reputation are nurtured and risks are mitigated.

Free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and our solutions

equally accessible 


a sense of belonging

Meet Raggi,

Raggi is the Founder and Director of JEDI Consultancy. She identifies as a South Asian Queer Cis-Gendered Woman.

Raggi is an award winning human rights barrister with more than twenty years of experience. She has focused on challenging issues of racism, gender violence and mental health through law, social action and policy.

She has a long history of anti-oppression work and has been involved with the set up and running of numerous ground-breaking and award-winning projects.



plan for change

Our Services,

As a full-service JEDI organisation, we provide comprehensive solutions at every stage of the process. This includes from initially analysing the issues, to planning for change; training and facilitation and detailed and reliable investigatory work.

Free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and our solutions

You’re in good company,

What people say,

This is essential training for everyone - don't just assume you know all there is to know about racism. Raggi presented the theory and practice of how racism works and how it can be challenged, in an inspiring way, and gave us a safe space to explore our thoughts and experiences. Really recommend.

Jung-ui Sul - Solicitor, Birnberg Pierce

Raggi models in her facilitation, teaching style and her deep humanity what it means to practice generosity in the work of anti-oppression. Her course is filled with the gems of her own insight, along with accessible teachings and language on challenging these dynamics. She creates a warm and hospitable space to do our own work & deepen our awareness to step back to our lives, contexts and systems with even more courage and skills.

Vanessa Reid - Director - Living Wholeness Institute

Fantastic platform to move you as an individual to work on yourself and take a proactive role in challenging racism in your personal and work life.

Sanja Dujmovic Potnar - Head of Service Development - Helen Bamber Foundation

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