Thank you for the excellent training yesterday. It was thought provoking, entertaining, challenging, and you created a safe environment where people felt able to think and talk about their own experiences and journey. It gave us a firm foundation for us all to do further work within ourselves and to then bring that to our roles at Wilsons in a positive way.

Matthew Davies, Managing Partner, Wilson's LLP

Raggi has a deep, long standing expertise in the areas she works in. Her passion and enthusiasm really shows in the way in which she approaches her work.

Anand Doobay, Managing Partner, Boutique Law

Raggi is as passionate about learning as she is about teaching on race and racism. She is an amazing facilitator who helps us catch our own racism with a generous heart.

Lea Misan, Executive Director, Act for Change

Raggi is a phenomenal leader in the anti-racism space. Through process work, she approaches her work with her participants with experience, empathy and her deep knowledge of anti-racism work. Raggi does extraordinary work and outreach in her activism. I have recommended her to my own clients and have a deep-seated trust in her activism, thoughtfulness, experience and knowledge.

Pooja Kothari CEO at Boundless Awareness LLC

Informative and insightful- this course provides you with the tool kit and confidence to discuss issues surrounding inclusivity, diversity and race.

Amanda Gray, Partner, Mishcon de Reya

Raggi is a fantastic anti-oppression trainer and facilitator. She is fearless, compassionate and relatable. I was a participant on one of her recent training programmes and found it informative and thought provoking. Raggi is leading the way in creating space for these important, brave and challenging conversations and is truly committed to this work. I am so grateful to know Raggi and to have worked with her - I highly recommend her services! Thank you for your work and energy in this space.

Zeenat Islam, Barrister, 1 Pump Court Chambers; Consultant

Raggi offers so much energy and skill in handling interpersonal and racial dynamics, the work she is doing is so valuable and needed and I look forward to seeing how she develops her work and creates positive change in the world.

Sarah Dixon, Coach; Trainer

Raggi is on fire and nobody can stop her. It’s a joy to study and work with Raggi on our international journey on hosting conversations on race and identity. She inspires and moves me with her sharp observations, analysis and calls for change concerning social justice in the world. Wonderful facilitator. Wonderful facilitator. You need her if you want to make a lasting impact in your team, organisation or community by addressing the pressing social issues of today and tomorrow.

Amir Nazar, Consultant; Moderator on Democratic Innovation; Reconciliation and Inclusion

This training is vital, high quality and powerful. The use of heart and head is so useful and means the learning goes deep. Highly recommend.

Sarah Cutler - Independent Consultant

This is a really clear and jam-packed introduction on how racism works and what we can do about it. Raggi is an excellent facilitator. She is honest, relatable and brings a broad perspective to understanding racism which includes other dynamics including LGBTQ+ Issues.

Alex Eisenberg - Art Curator; Producer; Group Facilitator

Raggi is a great example of how to hold space for tricky conversations online and with respect for everyone's needs, thank you for all you do to move race talks forward

Angela Armstrong - Coach, Group Facilitator

Raggi was an amazing leader for this course and just perfect person for the role!

Rory Hearty - Solicitor Birnberg, Pierce & Partners

Raggi is a passionate as well as deeply compassionate, knowledgable and inspiring person to learn from. She holds a powerful and welcoming, safe space that left me feeling inspired and better resourced to engage with the complexities of dismantling racism in my day to day life and relationships as well as feeling more resourced to continue with my own learning and exploration going forward. I'm really grateful.

Catherine Dunne - Supervising Psychologist - Movement Medicine Teacher

I found this course really powerful and effective because it combines head and heart, the intellectual and the emotional. Well-researched, credible and carefully presented material explains the dynamics of oppression, and Raggi's sensitive and compassionate facilitation challenges you to engage on a deeply personal level. I am inspired and motivated to keep learning.

Rosie Flint - Assistant Head Teacher

Raggi is frank, honest, compelling and engaging. Which is exactly what is needed for conversations around antiracism.

James Hall - Barrister - Hardwicke Chambers

Fantastic platform to move you as an individual to work on yourself and take a proactive role in challenging racism in your personal and work life.

Sanja Dujmovic Potnar - Head of Service Development - Helen Bamber Foundation

Clear, carefully-prepared and thought-provoking training. Excellent materials and I really appreciated how Raggi created a safe space for all participants to explore some really challenging issues. This is the most important course I have ever done, and you were brilliant, thanks Raggi.

Vicki Wilson - Barrister - Goldsmith Chambers

Raggi provides a safe and non-judgmental space to discuss a topic
not often spoken about openly at work.

Elyssa Desai - Transformational Coach - Mishcon De Reya LLP

An eye opening and thought provoking course.

Patricia Hitchcock QC - Barrister - Cloisters

Raggi models in her facilitation, teaching style and her deep humanity what it means to practice generosity in the work of anti-oppression. Her course is filled with the gems of her own insight, along with accessible teachings and language on challenging these dynamics. She creates a warm and hospitable space to do our own work & deepen our awareness to step back to our lives, contexts and systems with even more courage and skills.

Vanessa Reid - Director - Living Wholeness Institute

This is essential training for everyone - don't just assume you know all there is to know about racism. Raggi presented the theory and practice of how racism works and how it can be challenged, in an inspiring way, and gave us a safe space to explore our thoughts and experiences. Really recommend.

Jung-ui Sul - Solicitor, Birnberg Pierce

This was exactly the training our office needed- not only was it inclusionary, it was challenging, educational, and left a lasting impression. Raggi adapted constantly to meet our dynamic and push us further into self-reflection and I left feeling humbled, energised, and with the tools to self-improve.


Thank you Raggi for creating a safe and caring space for us to learn about racism and to start us on the journey of becoming anti-racist champions. I feel as though I finally have started to understand how I can start on my journey to become part of the solution to oppression rather than the reason it exists.

Holly Solo-Hawthorn - Aid Box Community

The space created by Raggi was a safe one for everyone. It provided a solid foundation for anyone interested in having conversations about anti-oppression no matter what their personal starting point. It demonstrated that it is possible to have what could be difficult conversations with a mixed group of people in a safe and intelligent way.

Sangita - Activist

Never before this training have I felt so close to home. Of course, your style is very engaging and inspiring but above all, it conveys passion and commitment. Being an immigrant myself, I’m in that painful process of finding my voice in a country that feel utterly alien sometimes. Your training has really supported me to find my place. Thank you so much.

Simón Hurtado Delgado - Anti-trafficking Caseworker - City Hearts

Raggi is an incredible trainer. She really makes you challenge yourself but also makes it feel very safe for you to do so. I don't think many people could make you think about anti-oppression in quite the same way. Highly recommended!

Kate Hammond - Managing Partner - Miles & Partners

Well worth doing. Raggi helped us navigate some very difficult waters with sensitivity and imagination. Her open, unpatronising approach combines tact with unflinching honesty in a way that makes it possible to tackle very challenging issues without feeling overexposed or unduly judged.

Rudolph Spurling - Barrister

Thank you Raggi for a brilliant, insightful and inclusive workshop. I look forward to level 2!

Marina Sala - Conflict Facilitator

Raggi is a warm and authentic facilitator who draws from lived experience and her own passion to take you on a beautiful learning journey 🙂

Sharan Jaswal - Group Facilitator, Educator

The course was wonderful. Raggi is super knowledgeable, passionate and warm. She held a space for us to lean into the awkwardness about race and start to overcome it. I definitely deepened my knowledge and reflection.

Natasha Adams - Trainer and Activist

This is a great course to get to grips with the terms and dynamics of race. Raggi is very committed to this work and passionate. She created a great environment for self-reflection while at the same time ignited interest for more.'

Venetia Bouronikou - Psychotherapist, Process Worker, Group Facilitator

‘A very insightful course, passionately delivered and thought provoking.'

Izbeth Khan - Apna Haq Charity

The presenter creates a safe space to discuss important but difficult issues around race - prepare to be informed and challenged but supported.

Andrew Jeffrey - Lecturer, Sheffield University

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